handy links for writing

OK so one of the things I’m very bad at is thinking of names for stuff. There is a cafe in my short story Wolfskin that is a central location in the story, the River and Wheel.

I got the name from this hipster business name generator. Basically it takes two random words and puts an “and” in the middle, gives you a nice font, it even generates a logo. And then you’ve got a business. This saves me a lot of time because I will spend AGES trying to name stuff, so if you see a “x and y” business in any of my stories, it’s probably from that website.

There’s also a floor plan generator that I have been meaning to use. I had previously been using the Sims, but then I’d get too distracted and would just play the game until 4am. Both are pretty useful in their own ways. Usually I try and sketch out rooms and places but then my sense of space can be pretty poor.

I don’t really have any stories (at the moment) planned that need a map, BUT if you needed some inspiration, there’s this fantasy world generator. You can choose your specs, like what percentage of water do you want, cities or no cities, how many rivers.

And if you need to find (and listen to) music from a certain time period, Radioooo is where you can go. You pick your country and pick your decade, as long as it’s between 1900 and now. You can also pick your mood: slow, fast, or weird. I feel like it works, cause I just picked Australia and 1990 and got AC/DC!!!

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