short stories

These stories are free to read at the links below:

Sky Children
Concrete Queers 7: spec fic
The news has been saying soon we’ll be having children who have never touched the ground, who will never see soil. Everyone wants to be a sky-person now, it’s the cool thing.

The Tiger is a Metaphor
Slink Chunk Press
Lux wakes up one morning to discover that a tiger has appeared in ver kitchen.

A girl without a heart finds a girl who can turn into a wolf in the middle of a forest that has appeared in Fitzroy.

Water Fey
One cousin convinces the other that they should go down to the riverbank to look for faeries.

The Keepers
Plunge Magazine
The seasons are all sisters, and they can all never meet.

Met her when she was tryina steal the knives in the kitchen. (This is the short story that became Highway Bodies)

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short non fiction:

Winning as a non-binary person
The Saturday Paper

The never-ending process of coming out as genderqueer
Daily Life

Writing myself into existence
The Guardian


other bits:

dandenongs gothic
Australian Gothic by Pilcrow Press